Environmental management

For Novo Nordisk environmental management is much more than good housekeeping; increasingly, it extends beyond the factory gates and comprises the whole supply chain.

In this section, we report on our approach to environmental management and also on how we engage en partnerships to reach our targets.

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Climate action

In 2009, we achieved an absolute reduction of more than 30% in CO2 emissions. Novo Nordisk is committed to conducting its business in a financially, environmentally and socially responsible way. As climate change has global implications, taking steps to reduce our impact is both an act of corporate responsibility and risk mitigation.

In this section, we report on our climate action activities including such as how we reached the CO2 reduction target, and how are going to deal with emissions from transportation. Furthermore, we report on how we have been advocating for better climate.

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Environmental performance

In this section, we report on key environmental data related to our production. Besides reporting on our environmental processes, we also report our impact on the environment through performance data such as energy consumption, waste, water usage and emissions.

In this section, a list of our key environmental data related to our production has been compiled for easy overview.


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